Cheap Fasfit Band M3S smart bracelets function well.

Recently, Fasfit smart watch company has officially launched a new model, called the Fasfit Band M3S smart bracelet with a small and somewhat similar design to the Mi band, but according to the firm. The difference of Fasfit Band M3S is not in the design, but in the inner features and true values ​​that the cheap Fasfit Band M3 model brings. Fasfit Band M3S smart bracelets are cheap but not cheap. Despite being a low-cost product, the Fasfit Band M3S is [...]


Quick review of Fasfit L1 smartwatch model

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers today, Fasfit has officially launched a new smartwatch product model, Fasfit L1, with a design similar to that of a conventional smartwatch. Fasfit F1 proves to be a storm in the market today. So today our firm points to some of the special features on this new Fasfit L1 smartwatch. Highlights on the Fasfit L1 smart watch. Full HD edge-to-edge IPS screen delivers super-sharp display that cuts product lines in the price [...]


Fasfit V11 smart watch the perfect upgrade

Fasfit V11 smart watch is a smart watch device marketed in Vietnam with a circular design, a harmonious combination between smart watches and traditional watches, this is also the difference between Fasfit V11 Compared to current smartwatch products, in addition to impressive design, V11 is also highly appreciated for its features with many notable upgrades. Notable features of Fasfit V11. Not only owning a beautiful, sleek round design, the Fasfit V11 smart watch also has a lot of features that deserve [...]

Fasfit FS01 cao cap

Fasfit FG26 smart bracelet is powerful and smart.

The Fasfit FG26 smart bracelet is one of the new smart bracelet product models launched in August with a lot of upgrades that continue from Fasfit M’s previous highly successful M series. . So today, let’s take a quick look at Fasfit FG26 Smart Band overall. New upgraded functions on Fasfit FG26 Following the feature success from previous Fasfit M series, this time Fasfit FG26 is still equipped with such basic functions, but the biggest difference is the upgrade, with a [...]

dong ho thong minh fasfit f1 gia re

Fasfit F1 smartwatch is more than a wearable.

After the success of the Fasfit M8 and Fasfit M11 product lines, Fasfit Smart Watch has recently launched a new Smart Band model named Fasfit F1 smart watch with the expectation that will help Fasfit brand strong. This is also a product line that directly competes with big brands from misfit and miband in the future. So Fasfit F1 has something outstanding to be able to compete with the big guys on us, let’s see and evaluate F1 right [...]

dong ho thong minh fasfit DM 09 tphcm

Fasfit DM09 smart watches are luxurious and smart.

Fasfit DM09 smart watch, is one of the Smart Watch products that users appreciate very much about the design, with an elegant modern design like the Apple Watch but offers a completely different experience, in addition to Nice design, good function Fasfit DM09 has super attractive price. So today, let me quickly evaluate this Smart Watch product for money. Fasfit DM09 smart watch elegant design. At first look at this fasfit DM09 smartwatch product, it makes us think of the Apple [...]

dong ho thong minh fasfit M9 uy tin

Beautifully designed Fasfit M9 smart watches function well

Smart bracelets, also known as smartbands, have become popular with people not only because of many useful features but also because of increasingly polished designs and suitable for each customer object. So today I want to bring a device that is perfect every centimeter of the Fasfit M9 smartwatch Earlier, the smart bracelet company launched the Fasfit M8 smart bracelet product line with typical sport design, but now it continues to launch the Fasfit M9 smart watch product line with [...]

vong deo tay fasfit M8 gia re chinh hang

Fasfit M8 smart & sport smart bracelet.

After the success of the Fasfit M7 smart bracelet, recently Fasfit smartwatch company has launched the M8 a completely new and smarter upgrade, Fasfit M8 brings a makeover about Design as well as features. So today we take a quick look at the Fasfit M8 model, a product that is expected to meet better for the M7 junior. New features on the Fasfit M8. In addition to the new M8 updates, the features of the M7 are often enjoyed, but apart [...]

mau dong ho thong minh fasfit M68 gia re

Fasfit M68 perfect combination of Smart Band and Smart Watch

Now when it comes to non-traditional wristwatches, but before, the two emerging smart devices were the Smart Band, and the Smart Watch is loved by many young people. , unlike the classic and aristocratic rooms, the Smart Band, and the Smart Watch series bring a youthful, dynamic and technologically more youthful style than a normal wristwatch device. But you are wondering whether to use Smart Band or Smart Watch because these two devices differ in function and design, Smart Band [...]

dong ho thong minh fasfit M11 cao cap

The most beautiful Fasfit M11 Smart Band smart bracelet of the year

Smart bracelet, also known as Smart Band, is one of the hottest technology products on the market today. Wearing a Smart Band is like having a doctor ready to check your health anytime and anywhere when you need it, with the ability to measure heart rate, blood pressure and track movements when exercising … So today Now Fasfit would like to introduce to you a Fasfit M11 smart bracelet product, this is a product that is loved by many [...]