Fasfit Band M3S


Fasfit Band M3S

Fasfit Band M3S is a cheap smart bracelet device, suitable for all audiences with a sharp IPS screen, IP67 water resistance, integrated with many health monitoring features such as metering Heart, blood pressure, sleep measurement, in addition to Fasfit Band M3S also calculated the ability to accurately forecast the weather.

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Highlights on the Fasfit Band M3S smart bracelet device.

  • IPS screen display sharp.
  • IP67 water and dust resistant
  • Receive calls, SMS, Facebook notifications, zalo …
  • Support tracking your sleep.
  • Accurate weather forecast.
  • Measure heart rate, blood pressure.
  • USB charging port

The IPS screen on the Fasfit Band M3S provides a sharp display in the dark and in places with strong light, the Fasfit Band M3S surface is filled with a light border and scratch resistance, giving you peace of mind to use in time. Long time.

Despite being a low-cost device, the Fasfit Band M3S smart bracelet is still equipped with IP67 water and dust resistance, you can bring your device to swim freely without fear of getting into the water.

Fasfit Band M3S Smart Band is still equipped with basic features such as, call notification, SMS, and Facebook, Zalo notifications …, wearing Fasfit Band M3S on your hand from now on you will no longer have to worry. Miss important announcements anymore.

Fasfit Band M3S continues to be equipped with a sleep measurement feature, a feature that almost all Fasfit smart bracelet devices are equipped with.

Different from the series of smart bracelets M1 launched earlier this year, although all have the same low-cost line, Fasfit Band M3S has been integrated with weather forecast, a very money detail on Fasfit Band M3S.

Fasfit Band M3S is equipped with the function of measuring heart rate, blood pressure, in addition, your heart rate and blood pressure parameters are stored over time on the App of Fasfit Band M3S, helping you track your health accurately. Than.

No longer using the wired charger as previous products, this time the Fasfit Band M3S charger has been replaced with a standard USB charging port to help the device become more versatile, from now on you no longer have to be afraid to forget to bring it. Charging cable when using Fasfit Band M3S anymore.


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