Fasfit F1


Fasfit F1

Fasfit F1 is a genuine smartwatch line offered in Vietnam market. With so many technologies integrated into one product, Fasfit F1 will bring you a superior experience, better than conventional Smart Band. Quickly own one to track your health and fitness.

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The fasfit F1 smartwatch is not only beautifully designed, but it is also thrown by almost all the most modern features into the f1 model.

  • Support measuring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen.
  • Notify calls and messages from facebook, zalo etcv.
  • Accurate weather forecast daily.
  • Combining features measuring a variety of sports such as football, basketball, swimming, jogging, cycling.
  • Bluetooth Camera
  • Bluetooth Music

If you need your own doctor, Fasfit f1 is the perfect choice, with features for measuring health and fitness support, f1 is like a mobile doctor who can help. You check your health at any time, in addition F1 is a reliable weather forecasting specialist to help you avoid the hurdles in Saigon to buy this rain. Not only that, Fasfit F1 is also a great selfie device that you can take pictures from on your phone right on F1.

You love sports and need to spend a lot of money to hire your own health coaches, so the Fasfits F1 smart watch is the perfect replacement for you, with support for multi-measurement function. Sports such as walking, running, basketball, swimming, soccer, cycling are really great, right ?, not too expensive to hire a Fasfit F1 health coach. Will help you to have the most accurate measurement parameters.


Not only does the F1 smartwatch feature turn on, it also has a sharp color screen with HD resolution that helps you see clearly when in bright light, combined with the glass surface made. Spill is like a drop of water and scratch resistant 2.5D.

Smart Band Fasfit F1 smart watch is modernly designed, with a square, rounded corner display, a thickness of 10mm, the total length of the machine is 40mm, width is 34.8 mm, the overall size of the bracelet 260 Mm, in addition to smartwatch Fasfit F1 is equipped with quick charge charging feature Quick Charge. Quickly own one to track your health and fitness. Contact the hotline: 091.793.1050 for more details


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