Fasfit FX100


Fasfit FX100

The Fasfit FX100 smartwatch is a new smartwatch model with a strong sporty design with a high durability from the shock-resistant steel frame along with many modern features that were first released. The Fasfit FX 100 is undoubtedly the most worthwhile wearable in 2019.

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Fasfit FX100 is a sporty smartwatch with a strong, classy design – Exhibition – Present, this is definitely the smartest device to buy in 2019, promising to bring the experience. The best experience for tech people as well as successful business people, not only beautiful and powerful, the FX100 design is also a modern watch device with many functions ready to conquer all eyes even for fastidious people. Best.

fasfit FX100

Overview of the features of Fasfit FX100

fasfit FX100 CHONG NUOC

The Fasfit FX100 smartwatch continues to be used with a 1.3-inch screen with IPS panel to provide sharp visibility even when operating outside of bright light, followed by a screen with tempered glass Scratch resistant with a thickness of 3mm, in addition to the FX100 watch is equipped with a side camera with a resolution of up to 5.0 Megapixels that supports shooting and recording in everyday situations.

fasfit FX100 DEP

A point that makes the Fasfit FX100 sport smart watch more modern with a thick steel frame and IP67 water and dust resistance, this is definitely a device for you to conquer the most extreme environments. .

fasfit FX100 CAO CAP

Fasfit FX100 is a high-end smartwatch, so it is indispensable to lack the basic features that have been available on the Fasfit smartwatch models, which are the power tracking features. Health and fitness support.

fasfit FX100 GIA RE

In addition, Fasfit FX100 is also equipped with features for measuring heart rate and blood pressure to help you easily assess and monitor your health in the most convenient way.

fasfit FX100 CHAT LONG

This time Fasfit brings us a monster named FX100 hardware and powerful software, with MTK 6580 CPU and Android 5.0 operating system means that FX100 will be able to use independent sims. Features as well as powerful upgrades. Overall size FX100 with thickness of 0.33in, overall width 1.96in, strap lengths 3.9in and 3.9in. The FX100 sports watch is a special product, so the number of shares is limited, so you should book this new model quickly for a more accurate experience of FX100.

fasfit FX100 TINH NANG


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