Fasfit KF03


Fasfit KF03

Fasfit KF03 smart bracelet is a new product launched by Fasfit with a youthful and colorful device for men and women, Fasfit KF03 is very suitable to be used as a gift to warm up the love, and affirms Qualify your love for that person.

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Fasfit KF03 smart bracelet designed in a pair of love.

  • Sharp display screen with TFT Color Display technology.
  • Multitouch.
  • GPS positioning.
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • Support measuring diverse training modes.
  • Measuring heart rate, blood pressure, sleep …
  • Receive call notifications, SMS, Facebook, Zalo notifications.
  • Supports 3 measuring sensors, which help accurately measure your health parameters.

The Fasfit KF03 Smart Band is equipped with a super-sharp screen with TFT Color Display technology, instead of the IPS screen that has been featured on Fasfit smartwatch and smartwatch product lines before. .

Fasfit KF03 is equipped with many of the first features available on previous Fasfit smart bracelet products, the first is the GPS Track feature, a feature that many wives and parents care about. Mind, in addition to other new features that Breathe Exercise supports measuring your breathing every day, and some pre-existing features such as heart rate, foot …

Fasfit KF03 continues to inherit the diverse range of sports that have existed on the Fasfit smartwatch and smart bracelet product lines such as climbing, swimming, jogging, cycling. Not only beautiful in design, but Fasfit KF03 is also a wearable device that takes care of your health every day.

Despite being a device with a lot of upgrades, but Fasfit KF03 still inherits the required features such as receiving notifications, supporting users to read messages, and notifications from Facebook, Zalo …

The last new feature I want to mention is GPS navigation, a feature that Fasfit’s smartwatches and smartwatches have never had before, and now they are compatible. Fasfit model KF03

Fasfit KF03 is designed with 3 luxurious colors for men and more, Fasfit KF03 colors including: black, white, yellow are very suitable for wearing a pair, not only that Fasfit KF03 is also a good gift for you. Dear, Fasfit KF03 is truly a meaningful gift for your significant other.

The Fasfit KF03 bracelet continues to impress with IP68 water resistance, which is the highest waterproof rating currently available on current high-end Smartphone models. With Fasfit KF03 High-end smart bracelet, you will have more peace of mind for your entertainment.

In general, the dimensions of the Fasfit KF03 smart bracelet include: the length of model is 45.2mm, the overall length of the device is 261mm, the width of the model is 20.8mm, the thickness is only 12.0mm.  


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