Fasfit KL07


Fasfit KL07

Fasfit KL07 smart watch, powerful modern design, GPS navigation, call and text synchronization on the device, designed with waterproof IP67 standard, vivid sharp display screen, strap high-class leather, and many attractive promotions for the first product to be sold immediately to order Fasfit KL07 model at Fasfit dealers.

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Fasfit KL07 smart watch information.

  • Support measure heart rate, blood pressure, track your daily sleep.
  • The 240 × 240 screen uses amoled technology that integrates multiple watch faces in the app for you to choose from.
  • Sync and store your health records every day.
  • Support listening, calling right on Fasfit KL07.
  • GPS locator
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • Listen to music and support Selfie.

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Fasfit KL07 smart watch modern design, elegant for men, amoled screen 240 × 240 sharp display with high-class toughened tempered glass, Fasfit KL07 is made from high-strength steel frame More and more modern and aesthetic, Fasfit KL07 features a quality leather strap to keep you comfortable when wearing Fasfit KL07 daily. Fasfit KL07 supports the necessary features to check your health anytime, anywhere, such as measuring heart rate, blood pressure, in addition, the device is equipped with two sensors to help the parameters when measuring more accurately, no Only so you can synchronously store your health parameters at the App.


Continuing to be a feature of your health care, the sleep measurement feature on Fasfit KL07 has been upgraded to be more modern, allowing you to set the sleep time right on the device, in addition to the sleep measurement feature. This time there are 3 modes for you to set, Deep sheep duration, Light sleep duration, Sleep quality. The most noticeable point on Fasfit KL07 is that the screen has the ability to bring a sharp display experience, KL07 uses Amoled screen to bring the beautiful colors that display beautifully. Display picture helps you to freely change according to the daily style.


The new heart rate measurement feature on the Fasfit KL07 is equipped with a synchronous action and stores parameters each time you measure, combined with an independent user sensor to help the device accurately measure your heart rate and blood pressure. A great upgrade on the KL07 model is the call and messaging feature, after a lot of expectation, Fasfit has finally equipped with the function to listen and call and send messages on the smart watch model. Minh KL07, help you not only have a beautiful device but also modern. Fasfit KL07 is definitely the perfect choice.

As a high-end device, it is indispensable to be waterproof, KL07 is equipped with the highest waterproof rating of IP68, so you can safely take it anywhere. As for the size of the KL07 model, there is a 42mm model width, and it is surprisingly thin when the machine is only 10mm thin, breaking the previous thinking of ultra-thick smartwatch models on the market today. So with all that KL07 brings, this is definitely one of the smart watches that are worth buying at the present time, right?


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