Fasfit M1


Fasfit M1

M1 is a smart bracelet product manufactured by Hi Watch. With a compact design, fashion and high-tech functions, convenient for users, M1 is a bracelet that many ‘tech people’ love. That’s not to mention the price of this product is also affordable, just the price of a normal watch on the market.

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The functions that bring great experience to you in Fasfit M1 Smart Bracelet are:

  • Health monitoring: records exercise, due to heart rate
  • Notify incoming calls
  • Notification messages from SMS and social networks
  • Anti-lost and search phones



With a compact design that fits into the wrist and feels comfortable for the wearer, the Fasfit M1 smart bracelet is also impressed by its multifunction. Although compared to smart watches, smart bracelets are still not equal, but the advantage of it is the longer battery life, with this advantage, you do not need to waste time to regularly charge bracelets.

Fasfit M1 CAO CAP

Nowadays, this smart phone is more and more improved and its shape is bigger, so carrying it sometimes creates inconvenience. Now you don’t have to worry about that, you can comfortably put your phone in your bag, peace of mind chatting with friends without worrying you will miss calls or SMS, Notification of facebook, zalo, … because your Fasfit M1 will notify you when a call or news comes.

Fasfit M1

Fasfit M1 123

Fasfit M1 is a great health companion when you can use it to measure your heart rate, oxygen levels, record your exercise, calories so you can easily track and set goals. Practice for yourself. It is also a great gift for the elderly, when you can monitor the health of the elders and have the best care plan for your loved ones. Fasfit M1 SIEU DEO

Although a technological product, but rest assured that the M1 is absolutely waterproof! If you accidentally drop it in the water or leave it in the washing machine, it’s fine that your smart band will be fine as usual.

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Fasfit M1 DEP

Another advantage of Fasfit M1 is that it can sync with the phone and search for phones with the Anti-lost feature. Now, even if you forget or lose your phone, it will be easy to find it thanks to the M1 bracelet. By the 21st century, people have gradually moved into the digital age, electronic products are appearing more and more with different features and designs. Smart Band is also increasingly upgraded and improved, believing that in the future, the smart band is one of the indispensable products of everyone.


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