Fasfit V11


Fasfit V11

Fasfit V11 smart watch is one of the smart wearable products provided by Fasfit smart watch company with many smart features such as, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, Notify incoming calls and SMS …, strong design personality suitable for all men and women.

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The Fasfit V11 smart watch features a youthful and stylish design with many smart features worth buying.

  • 240 × 240 screen, using IPS display panel sharp.
  • Ram 64 KB.
  • Support measuring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen
  • Enter call, SMS, Zalo, Facebook ….
  • Training reminders.
  • Weather forecasts.
  • IP67 waterproof.

Fasfit V11 smart watch is equipped with a 240 × 240 screen and an IPS panel, giving users the sharpest and clearest images even in places with high light, in addition to the product. V11 smart watches also use scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, along with diamond cut around, creating a high-quality and sturdy watch product when worn on the hand.

Fasfit V11 smartwatches are still equipped with common features that smart watches on the market have such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and support to store parameters when Measure by time in the App Connection System, so you can know your carrier’s health status by date.

Continuing the functions that we are so familiar with on the Fasfit smartwatch line, it is supporting importing calls from phones, notifications from Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, but this time. Fasfit V11 has been integrated with Zalo to the notification support list. After a period of absence on recent Fasfit products, now the legendary training reminder feature that made Fasfit’s brand come back on the Fasfit V11 smart watch.

Quickly own one to track your health and fitness. Contact the hotline: 091.793.1050 for more details


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