Fasfit X10


Fasfit X10

One of the best quality and affordable smart watches today is the Fasfit X10. With Fasfit X10, you can enjoy calling, texting right on your watch, listening to music, controlling the camera, sharing social networks as well as monitoring your health. This is a multi-function smart watch that stands out the size of a regular watch, you can also see it as a stylish personality accessory.

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The basic functions of the Fasfit X10 smart watch:

  • Sync with phone: listen, call right on the wrist
  • Health monitoring: measuring blood pressure, heart rate, recording the training process
  • Control the camera remotely
  • Water-resistant design
  • Share social networks anywhere, anywhere
  • Listen to high quality music
  • Track daily sleep
  • Other utilities: alarm clock, temperature measurement, phone finder, recorder, …

Fasfit X10 smart watch use high quality monolithic titanium metal frames that both fashion and protect the internal mechanism in the best way. Scratch-resistant, impact-resistant glass helps you to move freely without fear of watch damage. Capacitive touch screen with high resolution will bring you the latest experience when using. In particular, the screen is only 1.3 inches, small like a normal watch so you do not need to worry about carrying a big smart watch on hand like other products!

Fasfit X10 uses laser technology in production so you can see the delicacy in every detail. The strap is made of leather, with a stylish, stylish design, both durable and beautiful material, suitable for many types of clothing.

With the ability to sync bluetooth, you can control the camera on your phone remotely, thereby taking yourself beautiful pictures, art, diverse designs, capturing memorable moments and memories.

One advantage of smart watches that smart bracelets still do not have, is the ability to listen to calls, send messages directly on the watch. Thanks to the ability to sync bluetooth with the phone, if you are in the situation of inconvenience holding the phone, you can still directly answer, call, text on Fasfit X10 easily.

Fasfit X10 has in hand as well as a smart phone in hand. You can freely share social networks zalo, facebook, twitter, … anywhere. Especially in the outings, traveling with friends, you can enjoy climbing, swimming or skiing, … without fear of being entangled when having to carry a camera, camera, smart phone, even you. can be lost or hit without notice. Having X10 then you can take photos, record funny moments and share them on social networks!

The smartwatch is also called a sports watch, so it also has fitness and fitness support applications. You can accurately measure blood pressure, heart rate, calories, measure distance, speed, steps, sleep time with a smart motor sensor to help you monitor your health and can set out. Get a better health plan and workout plan.

In addition to the above functions, Fasfit X10 also has many other applications and utilities such as alarm clock, contacts, notes, audio, high quality music. In addition, if you lose your phone or forget it somewhere, you can find it easily thanks to the Find Cellphone function.

Fasfit X10 is a smart watch with a sleek, multifunctional and powerful configuration. Appearance is designed personality and fashion with durable leather strap makes X10 look like a normal watch. Imagine, when everyone thought that you were wearing a casual fashion watch, you suddenly used it to listen to, call, text, share social networks, people would be surprised to know. sack.


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